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Le projet MusiConnect Canada

MusiConnect Canada is a dynamic of national and international networking.

This initiative brings together broadcasters, professionals and players in the Canadian music industry, and connects them with their international counterparts.


At the heart of exponential globalization and facing the dematerialization of all the supports of artistic works, we wish to share our respective experiences, our realities. We want to pool our resources and our networks, we share the ambition to make artists, their works and their ideas travel.


We want to intensify exchanges, we want to facilitate international residencies-creation, stimulate and support cooperation between regional presenters, in order to create blocks of tours and sustainable, open and coordinated distribution networks between several territories.


With these regroupings of presenters, we are building “roads”, inside and outside each territory involved, planned according to the calendars of events of each partner. These "routes" offer better visibility to artists and are the basis for structured market development.


This international dynamic is based on local strategies, and is part of other similar international initiatives in several territories: MusiConnect Asia, India Music Meet, CirculArt in Colombia, Visa For Music in Morocco, Atlantic Music Expo in Cape Verde, Seoul Music Week in the Republic of South Korea, Le Kolatier Musical Fair in Cameroon, European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals. All these international initiatives generally bring together the same partners from different territories


In October 2016, the 1st meeting of the GLOMMnET network was held on the occasion of the World Music Expo (WOMEX). Global Music Market Network is a networking organization in the music markets around the world. Its main objectives are: harmonization of dates, exchange of artists, sharing of experiences, mutual invitations, constant communication


Then in October 2017, a 1st international meeting of the “Musiconnect Asia” broadcasting network also took place at WOMEX: all of these partners present at these two events, agreed that in order to facilitate and support international outreach, it is also imperative to be able to open its local distribution market to international import, and with a concern for reciprocity, which facilitates lasting collaborations within the framework of a concerted, planned and structured strategy.


MusiConnect TransCanada shares these same values and we wish to place Canada in this international dynamic.


This project is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, MusicAction Canada, Ville de Québec, Ville de Caraquet, Korean Management Services, Le Center Culturel Coréen du Canada, MusicNB.

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le CANADA au Marcheé des Arts et du Spectacle d'Abidjan 2020

Le réseau MusiConnect



Le réseau MusiConnect

Le 15 & 16 février 2019 La premiere édition de MusiConnect France à eu lieu. 

Au programme : ateliers, débats, day cases, speed-meetings, invitations des professionnels sur des concert…

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La Prochaine édition de MusiConnect Canada aura lieu en août 2019 ! 
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