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MusiConnect TransCanada :

1ère édition 8 - 17 Août 2018 

An international delegation will join the Jambinai tour , in order to consolidate their relationships, to create new ones, to discover emerging artists and professionally supervised, agencies, festivals ... but also in order to discover their respective markets and territories .


Before each Jambinai show, in each of the five cities, a professional meeting session is planned to maximize networking opportunities and thus have the chance to create lasting partnerships with artists, people from the music industry and the various partners.


The international delegation is made up of eleven broadcasters selected according to their particular profile. They are all at the head of one or more festivals and are part of festival networks in their respective territories between Francophone Africa and Asia.


The international delegation including artists will cross the road about forty Canadian artists.

Aug 9 Festival Traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke QC

            14:30   Ensemble Âstân – Bistro

            15:00   Ziguezon – Pub Irlandais

            16:00 18:00 Meeting Pro

            16:15   Tribal Roses – Shack d’Amérique

            17:15   Jeunes Musiciens du Monde – Carrefour multiculturel Loto Quebec

            17:30   Crépuscule – Pub Irlandais

            18:30   Sakuramai Montreal – Portes d’Asie

            18:45   Marc Angers et les Fils du Diable – Shack d’Amérique

            19:00   Club Danse Country Estrie – Scène Desjardins

            19:45   Kalascima – Bistro

            21:00   Jambinai

            21:00   Nomadic Massive – Scene Loto Quebec

            21:30   André Lejeune – Shack d’Amerique


Aug 11 Festival Musique du Bout du Monde, Gaspé QC

            13:30   Bon Débarras - Scène Loto-Québec

            14:00  16:00 Meeting Pro 

            15:00   Briga - Scène Loto-Québec 

            16:00   Sound Check Celso Piña – ITW with Philippe Krumm

            16:30   Afrikana Soul Sister - Scène Loto-Québec

            17 :00  Sebastien de la Robina Auberge Sous les arbres,

            19:00   souper

            17:00   5 à 7 Desjardins – Los 2 LunaTicos - Auberge sous les arbres

            20:00   Fwonte et Celso Piña - Chapiteau des Grands Spectacles Hydro-Québec,

            21:30   Celso Pina

            23 :00 Jambinai, Scène Loto-Québec

            23:30   They Call Me Rico - Bar La Voûte

            23:30   The Brooks - Bistro-bar Le Brise Bise

            03:30  Shuttle, Place Jacques Cartier

            04:45   Rising Sun Show on the cliff – Alash Ensemble (Sibéria)

            06:00  Shuttle back to hotel


Aug 12 Festival Acadien, Caraquet, NB

            21:00   Shaun Ferguson – Chapiteau, place du festival

            22:00   Cédric Vieno – Chapiteau, place du festival

            23:45   Jambinai – Chapiteau, place du festival

Aug 13 Festival Acadie Rock, Moncton, NB

            19:00   Simon Daniel – Centre Culturel Aberdeen

            20:15   Jambinai – Centre Culturel Aberdeen


Aug 13 Festival Acadien, Caraquet, NB

            12:00 15:00 Lunch - Meeting Pro / Media Conference

            18:00   Dans L’Shed – Place du Festival

            21:00   Maggie Savoie - Chapiteau, place du Festival

                        Backyard Devil - Chapiteau, place du Festival

                        Thomé Young - Chapiteau, place du Festival


Aug 14 Festival Acadien, Caraquet, NB

            (Basically an OFF day at last !!!!)

            18:00   Winston Band – Place du festival

            22:00   Lisa Leblanc – Chapiteau, place du Festival

            23:30   Les Hotesses d’Hilaire – Chapiteau, place du festival

Aug 15 Festival Acadien, Caraquet, NB

            (National Acadian Day)

            14:00   Veronique Comeau & Catherine Breau – Place du Festival

            16:00   Les Veilleux – Place du Festival

            17:30   Zeugma “Cube” – Place du festival

            18:00   “Tintamare” carnival

            19:00   Joseph Edgard – Place du Festival

            22:00   Comté de Clare – Place du festival

            23:00   Bois Joli – Place du festival           


Aug 16 Lancement MondoKarnaval 2018, Québec QC

            10:00 11:00 Media Conference

            17:00 19:00 Meeting Pro

            19:00   Rusdell Nunez – Place de l’université

            19:45   Raton Lover – Place de l’université

            20:30   Jambinai – Place de l’université

Jambinai en tournée au Québec, en Gaspésie et en Acadie

8 au 17 août 2018


Jambinai, a group from South Korea, crosses oceans and continents to come to permeate Quebec and Acadia with modernized traditional Korean music.


MusiConnect TransCanada and the Collectif Culturel Mondo (MondoKarnaval) announce the arrival of a tour of five shows in Quebec and New Brunswick, by the group Jambinai, which closed the Olympic Games of PyeongChang 2018. This group, formed in 2011 in Seoul , manages to create a perfect symbiosis between traditional Korean folk and post-rock dynamics. It is a colorful, dynamic, intoxicating and inspiring music thanks to the multiple sound timbres produced by the modern instruments used as well as those which are part of the Korean cultural heritage. Jambinai has won several awards in Korea and internationally. In 2015, their international fame gave them access to major European and Asian stages.

The South Korean group will make its first appearance on stage, during the MusiConnect TransCanada tour, on August 9, 2018, in Quebec, during the Festival des Traditions du Monde in Sherbrooke. He will then go to the Bout du Monde Music Festival on August 11, 2018, in Gaspé. The group will set foot in New Brunswick on August 12, 2018, offering a musical performance at the Festival Acadien de Caraquet, followed by the Festival Acadie Rock de Moncton on August 13 and Jambinai will end its tour with a return to Quebec on August 16 for the launch of MondoKarnaval 2018.

Tour dates