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MusiConnect Paris Conference

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MusiConnect Paris wants to be an operational grouping of international actors: venues, festivals, distributors, media ... Each with different territorial realities but sharing the desire to collaborate within MusiConnect around common projects and at several scales (local, regional, national and international), in order to stimulate the export and influence of artists on international stages.

We want to intensify exchanges, facilitate international residencies-creation, stimulate and support cooperation between regional presenters, in order to create the logic of tours and regional networks of sustainable, open and coordinated distribution between several territories. In fact, this initiative will also benefit the artist's environment.

With these groups of broadcasters, we are building new communication channels, “roads”, inside and outside each territory involved. These “routes” offer better visibility to artists and are the basis for structured market development. The stimulation of regional dynamics must fuel international networks and increase international artistic cooperation.

MusiConnect France will organize its “transhumance” of international actors on the national territory in a close relationship with the network's host sites. On the program: workshops, debates, day cases, speed-meetings, invitations from professionals to concerts ...

The management of the MusiConnect Paris event relies on an association under the 1901 law which takes up the main axes developed during MusiConnect Transcanada, presidents of the development of the MusiConnect networks. Participants in MusiConnect meetings commit, as far as possible, to help achieve the following objectives: Support, Improve, Develop, Decompartmentalize, Create routes

MusiConnect Paris will host between 60 and 80 international broadcasters from more than 35 different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

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