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The Organization

MusiConnect Canada aims to:

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To accompany

Support cooperation actions of mutual interest, concrete and quality, on the 5 continents.



Improve the mobility and visibility of artists, as well as the circulation of works through a platform for operational, work and resource exchanges.

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Facilitate the production of collaborative artistic content (residencies, training courses, etc.)

Regionalize and decompartmentalize

Regionalize and decompartmentalize our local distribution networks:
we share a calendar, an environment, a social and economic context, a culture,
a history ...

and artists.

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Create routes and timetables from these dissemination micro-networks, opening them at regional, national and international level.

The purpose of the organization is to promote, disseminate, carry out and produce initiatives likely to promote artists of all nationalities.

  • By organizing and carrying out concerts, events, exhibitions, national and international festivals, competitions.

  • By developing cultural exchanges in the field of performing arts.

  • By carrying out advertising initiatives in the cultural sectors.

  • Through the production, production, distribution and dissemination of cultural information media.

  • Through collaboration with public and private organizations, cultural associations, consortia and cooperatives pursuing the same goals.

  • Through membership in national and international organizations with similar objectives.

  • By supporting image capture or the dissemination of live shows to promote artists

  • By seeking funding to initiate or support cultural activities in the broad sense.

  • By awarding grants allowing artists to develop their projects.

  • By supporting initiatives aimed at developing the emergence of young talents and established artists who can demonstrate the need for it.

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