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Jambinai on tour in Quebec, Gaspésie and Acadie

August 8 to 17, 2018


Jambinai, a group from South Korea, crosses oceans and continents to come to permeate Quebec and Acadia with modernized traditional Korean music.


MusiConnect TransCanada and the Collectif Culturel Mondo (MondoKarnaval) announce the arrival of a tour of five shows in Quebec and New Brunswick, of the group Jambinai, which closed the Olympic Games of PyeongChang 2018. This group, formed in 2011 in Seoul , manages to create a perfect symbiosis between traditional Korean folk and post-rock dynamics. It is a colorful, dynamic, intoxicating and inspiring music thanks to the multiple sound timbres produced by the modern instruments used as well as those which are part of the Korean cultural heritage. Jambinai has won several awards in Korea and internationally. In 2015, their international fame gave them access to major European and Asian stages.


The South Korean group will make their first appearance on stage, during the MusiConnect TransCanada tour, on August 9, 2018, in Quebec, during the Festival des Traditions du Monde in Sherbrooke. He will then go to the Bout du Monde Music Festival on August 11, 2018, in Gaspé. The group will set foot in New Brunswick on August 12, 2018, offering a musical performance at the Festival Acadien de Caraquet, followed by the Festival Acadie Rock de Moncton on August 13 and Jambinai will end its tour with a return to Quebec on August 16 for the launch of MondoKarnaval 2018.




Tour dates

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